About Us

Each night thousands of people experience homelessness and sleep on sidewalks, under highway overpasses, in parks, abandoned buildings, and vehicles. Permanent housing is the goal but its going to take a few decades to build. 

This is why City Pods is on a mission to scale temporary housing and provide everyone who's experiencing homelessness access to a dignified place to sleep. Our Pods provide a stepping stone in times of personal crisis onto a stable path. 

We’re building a company that not only helps those experiencing homelessness but also a company that is strengthening the community for locals and visitors. City Pods bring our fellow citizens off the streets and into a stable environment so local businesses can thrive again.

Image by Zhifei Zhou

Development Team

Where the Passion Begins

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Keenan O'Leary

Co-Founder & CEO

Keenan has spent his entire 20+ year career in hospitality and participated in over $6.5 billion in real estate developments, financings, and restructurings. A graduate of both Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and the Culinary Institute of America, Keenan has an obsession for hospitality and improving communities.

Advisory Team

Guiding management to improve communities across the U.S.

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J.P. Marinelli


J.P. has spent his legal and investment banking career working in the Cities of London and New York running debt and equity offerings for sovereign, quasi-sovereign and multinational corporations. For the past few years he has been a Senior Managing Director at Hickory Advisors specializing in financial advisory work for mid-market private entities. He also serves on several corporate boards as well as non-profits.